Continuous Fan Operation

Definite advantages can be obtained by providing continuous fan operation, particularly with the use of Fresh-Air Ventilation Systems, Energy Efficient Air Cleaners and Power Humidifiers. Today’s new and efficient motors can save you hundreds of dollars while providing better indoor air quality. Keeping your furnace fan running in the summer months can enhance home comfort, by circulating the air in your home. You’ll feel cooler and more comfortable.

Thermostat Maintenance

Conventional type: This type of thermostat does not require any maintenance.

Note: If the room is dark a small blue flash may be noticed when heating or air conditioning comes on. This is normal.

Programmable / Electronic types: Annual replacement of batteries is necessary for proper operation where applicable.


  1. This type of thermostat normally maintains the temperature within half of 1ºC, unlike conventional thermostats, which may vary up to 3ºC. The furnace or air conditioner may cycle more rapidly especially under low load conditions. This is a normal operating condition.
  2. Programmable Thermostats can conserve energy and save you money.
  3. Do not set back your temperature more than 3°C. A temperature difference of more than 3ºC will not provide any savings.

Media Air Cleaner Maintenance

Replace or clean filters every two months. Some systems require the filter to be replaced more often, depending on environmental conditions.

Filters may need to be changed more frequently in newly constructed homes, homes under renovation, or homes where several pets live. Call us for filter media.

Humidifier Maintenance

  1. Turn Humidistat to OFF position, then turn water supply off, and close humidifier damper every Spring.
  2. Turn water supply on, then turn humidistat to ON position, and open humidifier damper every Fall.


  1. Only operates when the furnace fan is running, and the humidistat is calling for humidity.
  2. Acceptable humidity levels vary depending upon outside temperature but they usually range between 30% and 50%.
  3. Place conditioning tablets in water reservoir to prevent bacteria buildup.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

  1. Check intake and exhaust filters monthly. If required, vacuum the filters or rinse under a water tap. Mild detergents may be used but DO NOT use solvent cleaners.
  2. Check the core every six months for dirt accumulation. If required, slide the core carefully out of the case. Clean the core with water and mild detergents ONLY! DO NOT use solvents or other cleaning agents; the water temperature must not exceed 65ºC (150ºF). DO NOT use a high-pressure hose, and be sure to replace the core CAREFULLY. It must be properly aligned with the service instructions facing outward and the arrow UP.
  3. The Drain Pans should be wiped clean with water and mild detergents. AVOID solvent-based cleaners!
  4. Set Dehumidification Control to Summer Setting or Winter Setting dependent on applicable season.
  5. Check outside hood to make sure free and clear of debris.

Electronic Air Cleaners

  1. Gently clean the electronic air plates every two months. Use approved cleaner.
  2. Clean pre-filters every two months.

Caution: To avoid improper operation, be careful not to bend plates.

Registering Your Plumbing & HVAC Equipment

Equipment registration activates your extended parts warranty. It is also important to record your product purchase to ensure that you can be contacted in the event that there is a recall or other important product information to share.

With online product registration available, the process is quick and convenient. To register your furnace or air conditioner, all you need is the serial number, model number and installation date for each piece of equipment.

Registration must be completed within 30 days to activate the extended warranty.

Click here for Lennox Equipment Registration

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